Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in christianthinkg,

Strange quote

In the book, "A Concise History of the Catholic Church" by Thomas Bokenkotter, we get the following quote:
"At some point in his early manhood he felt a call to preach the com­ing of God's kingdom and began to gather huge crowds from the villages and towns in the region northwest of the Lake of Galilee; they were spellbound by his marvelous sermons and extraordinary healings (Page 16). "

"At some point in his early manhood"? Seriously? The author is basically saying that Christ didn't do any preaching or anything of significance before early manhood, and/or that he didn't "feel a call" to do so. So what did he do, exactly? Run around and generally behave like a mischievous little boy? Slowly build up Joseph's furniture business into an empire?
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