Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in christianthinkg,

Powers of darkness

While Satan is not as powerful as God, and has no power over a true Christian, he is powerful, and has power over the world. This is why there are hundreds of religions in the world, and why they all seem plausible, and steadily bring in new converts. This is why the media presents lies about God and Jesus and Christianity and bible prophecy day after day after day. This is why there are rabbis attacking the messiahship of Jesus day in and day out. This is why rabbis call Satan a good angel of testing rather than an adversary bent on destroying lives and souls. This is why evolution seems plausible and is considered the belief of the intelligent, educated people. This explains the draw of atheism. Worn down by Satan's lies, people figure the safest way to avoid being lied to is to not believe in anything they can't empirically observe. This is why the conservative Jewish interpretation of messianic prophecies ("the messiah hasn't come yet" or "the messiah comes in every generation") seems just as plausible as the Christian version (Jesus is the messiah). This explains Fred Phelps as well as soft headed preachers that distort and misinterpret Christ's statements to equate gay sex with brotherly love. This explains why people confuse brotherly love with sexual feelings and why nobody understands chastity and abstinence anymore.
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