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I have mixed feelings about this message. Although it brings up several valid points (and I'm not even a Mormon), certain Christians make me nauseous because they're too detached from the real world. They don't read books other than the bible, they don't watch TV or movies, they may not even watch the news. They hide from science in all its forms, and avoid other forms of knowledge as well (some don't even know how to use a computer), so they end up looking like total idiots. They give Christianity a bad name because they're not connecting with the world around them enough to make an impact. "My people perish for lack of knowledge" is a good description.
Also, while I agree that sexual content in programs has a corrupting influence, there's plenty of violence in the bible, and the stuff on TV is not actually real. Some violence is really fake. And if you know anything about movie production, it's a lot of tricks with exploding packets of corn syrup. They actually hire people to break celery to add realism to choreographed scenes of people getting their arms broken. The actor just pretends to have his arm broken and they break celery to add sound to it.
Another problem I have with the debate is the idea that films magically have a way of taking over your mind and making you do violent or sexual things. That's crap. You had those ideas originally, and the film just gave it a language. I've watched several programs that attempted to convert me to their belief system, but I disagreed with them. I've watched movies that have Buddhist themes, but I didn't become a Buddhist. I watched In And Out, but it didn't change my sexual preference. I've watched atheist themed programs, but I didn't accept that either. If you convert, you were going to do that anyway. And if you hate someone enough, you're going to hurt them, even if you've never watched a movie in your life. The only thing a movie will do is give you an idea on how to do it. You can just as easily get the idea from reading the newspaper. The Chronicles of Narnia did not result in a mass of conversions to Christianity. Golden Compass did not result in a mass of conversions to Atheism.
I like Pulp Fiction because it's funny. The dialog is so ridiculous that it's quote-worthy. It's a violent movie, definitely not for kids, and it's got cussing in it, but it's a reflection of what happens every day in the real world. It depicts criminals as three dimensional humans, with good and bad sides, and it contains a story about a gangster who wants to quit and do what's right. This guy basically says I can't watch any movies like that at all. I admit I have a cussing problem, but I think I got a lot of that from my dad when I was growing up. So again, I have mixed feelings on this.
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