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Dinosaurs at church

When I sat down to make my childrens book about traveling back in time to Genesis, I wanted to make it completely different from all the other books on Genesis I've seen. I wanted to suggest some things that nobody wants to mention in those books, and make Genesis more appealing to people who think that, in order to join a church, you have to check your intellect in at the door.

My book featured God creating extraterrestrials and dinosaurs, and a heliocentric universe.

I hit a wall.

Apparently, the church synod does not believe in dinosaurs. The pastor asked me to remove one of the few items that make my book different. He said the LCMS synod is young earth creationist.
They apparently can't accept the concept of the fifth day of creation being really really long.
No dinosaurs.

I fully intend to keep the originals and sell the book elsewhere, but I am forced to dumb it down if I want to get any promotions from the church.

It's so frustrating. It's like God is telling me that we should jump in front of the Trex skeleton at the museum and tell everyone it just grew there like a rock. "Nothing to see here! Nothing to see! I don't know why there's all those holes in that rock, it never held any blood..."

If you want to be accepted by the synod, you do have to check your intellect in at the door. It's very depressing. Just as depressing as the slick brochure someone mailed to me that says everyone is wrong and that the geocentric model of the universe is the only correct one. The sun apparently revolves around us. Weird.

I used to wonder why I felt nauseous when I looked for the girl of my dreams at a church. Now I know why. The idea of God creating dinosaurs is too controversial for Christians, and too religious for atheists, the only people who seem to believe in dinosaurs. P.S. So far the alien bit has slipped past the radar.
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